The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.
— Caroline Myss

Tara is currently not offering group coaching

Do you feel like you would like to connect with other like-minded individuals on your cancer-healing journey? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed and alone with the vast amount of information and choices in front of you?  Are you under pressure from your friends, family and the medical profession to follow the standard route of cancer treatment?

In September 2016 I received a Stage 3 Breast Cancer diagnosis and decided to treat myself through 100% natural methods. One year later I am almost cancer free! From my own experience of facing the challenges of going against mainstream treatment and fear that comes from such a transformational path I have decided to create a cancer coaching program to assist others.

I am excited to offer a 5-week cancer-coaching program for a small group of people journeying with cancer and treating themselves through either partial or exclusively alternative methods.


  • Once-a-week 2-hour group meetings through Zoom

  • Secret Facebook group during the duration of the program

  • One hour private coaching call with Tara

  • One bonus material video about fundraising for your cancer healing protocol

  • Exercises each week to help you tune into each week's topic


  • Support to know you’re not alone on your cancer journey by meeting like minded individuals that are on a similar path as you

  • Facing relevant topics that will help you find the gifts of your cancer path

  • Tuning in to your own inner healer within yourself and maximizing your ability to heal

  • Finding empowerment and inner strength on the cancer path


  • Facing fear – Learning how to navigate the journey of cancer with courage and grace. Taming the tiger of your mind.

  • Finding your truth: Making your own decision about the best course of treatment despite what your family/friends/health professionals think is best for you.

  • You are your own healer: Empowerment to claim your own healing journey/power of the mind

  • Creating and maintaining a stress-free life to find your perfect balance in healing cancer naturally.

  • Creating a path/plan of healing: Find your optimum course of healing that is best for YOU!


Please contact Tara if you are interested in joining the next group!

All meetings are via a Zoom conference call.  You can either do the call from your home phone, computer or cell phone.


"This course was so great and came at the perfect time for me. Tara was always positive and upbeat, continuously reinforcing that our bodies were made to heal. Her confidence (as well as her own journey) helped to inspire the entire group that we, too, were going to fully heal. On top of all the emotional support was the fantastic information that Tara brought to each session. She was careful to not only inspire us, but to educate us as well. In addition, she gave us links and things in writing after each session on top of the recordings so we could follow up on the specific parts that spoke to us. Finally, I also met some amazing women in this course that I will continue to stay in touch with. Five stars all the way!"

-Susan Thomas

"I needed some positive feedback from the "Tribe" of women walking the alternative healing path. It was great to be mentored by someone walking this path with such great success and also having the opportunity to interact with other very strong and positive women.  I was reminded that this journey takes patience and perseverance. And I was reminded that the body is designed to heal. I enjoyed the quotes and the visuals.  Thanks! I enjoyed our classes very much!"

-Becky Spear Kern

"This program benefited me by the resources provided by you in your meticulously prepared lessons, the feedback from the other women, connecting with people who are going through what I'm going a low key, welcoming, non-stressful way. Amazing! I learned that everyone is on the healing journey and it's unique for each of us. It's completely normal for me to trust that my body can heal, for me to have fears, to listen to my inner many fabulous articles, links and resources. Thanks Tara, I am so grateful for the genuine heart felt knowledge and compassion you approached this group with! You're a wise woman!!!"

-Sarah Wilder

To apply:

Please make sure you have a conversation with Tara to make sure this program is the right fit for you before registering. Contact Tara

About Your Facilitator, Tara Coyote

I am the owner of Wind Horse Sanctuary.  I practice Equine Facilitated Learning (workshops and private sessions focusing on personal development and healing grief) at my ranch in Northern California. I attended Equine Alchemy to become a life coach and offer private coaching, group coaching and workshops.  Visit my individual coaching page to learn more about coaching options.

I was diagnosed in September, 2016 with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. I decided to take an unconventional route to heal my cancer and decided to decline the standard route of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. I am now successfully healing my cancer through natural means. For more information about my cancer healing journey please follow my blog and stay connected via my Facebook Cancer Warrioress page.

The last year and a half of navigating the cancer path through alternative means has been incredibly transformational for me and I am inspired to share the gifts of the experience with others. Not only can cancer be a tool for incredible growth, but it can help you propel you forward in your life in powerful new ways. Cancer can indeed be a wake up call to live the life you are meant to live and this coaching program will help you find ways to embrace the challenges and step into empowerment!

Five Week Cancer Coaching Program
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DISCLAIMER: The information presented in coaching sessions has not been approved by the FDA, AMA or any Federal or State agency. The information is for educational purposes only and is not intended, nor should be used, as a substitute for medical advice. Consult a licensed, qualified medical physician for any issues concerning your health. Your physician should be aware of all your medical conditions as well as any medications and nutritional supplements you are taking.