Cancer Warrioress
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Join Tara on her Journey to Vibrant Health

Healing cancer using natural & alternative methods

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Cancer Warrioress Offerings


musings & writings

Join the Cancer Warrioress blog & newsletter to receive updates about my journey of healing cancer using natural methods as well as the wisdom and resources I've collected along the way.

personalized coaching

Through private coaching, I help fellow cancer warriors & warrioresses navigate & uncover the deeper belief systems, mental patterns, fears, doubts, and grief that a cancer diagnosis can bring forward.

Private Retreats

Enjoy a customized retreat experience at Wind Horse Sanctuary. Whether you are craving a retreat from the world or a deeper dive into your own healing, the sanctuary offers a myriad of possibilities for you.


You are not alone ~ you can heal your cancer naturally!

Interested in knowing more about my healing protocol? I'm often asked to share more about what I'm doing to heal successfully heal my cancer so I've laid it all out for you to see! I believe in healing cancer in a holistic method - addressing the mind, body, and spirit. While individual's journey is unique, my hope is that I can be a source of inspiration, wisdom, and support along the journey.


Resources & Support

Navigating a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming, especially when electing to heal using natural and alternative methods. Doctors, friends, and family may push back out of fear or mis-education. But the truth is, people ARE healing cancer using natural methods and I'm living proof! Along my journey I've done extensive research and have compiled a list of resources that I hope can help you navigate this journey.


Seeking support? 

When it comes to healing cancer, it truly takes a village. Above all, I have created and launched the Cancer Warrioress site in hopes of being a beacon of light and hope amidst what can sometimes be a scary and challenging journey. Whether you're seeking support for yourself or a loved one, I offer a variety of services and resources personalized tailored to your individual journey. You do not have to walk this alone. 

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