Tara's Healing Journey


I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer on September 22, 2016. At this point I'm not sure what my treatment plan will be.  All the medical appointments, information coming at me and choices are overwhelming and challenging to navigate. I am researching the western medical choices as well as natural medicine options. Please keep me in your thoughts and see me in full, vibrant health. It is very much appreciated!  

I never imagined that I would have my own Caring Bridge page.  After witnessing two of my closest friends have a health update page, it's unbelievably surreal to have one for myself. For the full update story about my diagnosis please read: Caring Bridge

In case you don't know me, here's some info about me: I am an equine facilitated learning instructor and lead workshops, private sessions, 'Grief Rituals with Horses' on a 10-acre ranch (www.WindHorseSanctuary.com) in Nevada City, CA. I specialize in helping people process and release grief. I am blessed to care for four gorgeous horses, a precious Australian Shepherd puppy and all the beauty that running a ranch brings.

I was one of the main caretakers for my best friend of 19 years, Deb Hubsmith through her twenty-two month journey with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Being present with Deb taught me the valuable lessons that loss and love have to bring. Sadly Deb died on August 18, 2015. For Deb's full story please read: Deb's story.

I channeled  my immense  grief into creating 'Grief Rituals with Horses', a safe place for grievers to shed tears and commemorate the loss of their loved ones in order to release their sorrow. I have seen remarkable transformation in the participants through the grief ritual process.  For more info about grief rituals please see: Grief Rituals

**I have a fundraiser to raise money for my medical expenses and time off so I can heal and recover. If you feel called to donate I would appreciate it very much! The link for donating is: You Caring.

With love, gratitude and horsey hugs,

Tara and the furry critters