Fundraiser - Silent Online Auction


Please help spread the word! Many of you have asked what you can do to help. If you could help spread the word about my silent auction fundraiser, donate an item or service if you can, it would be much appreciated! You can share this website address on Facebook, include it in an email or cut and/or paste the below content and send it to your friends. The lovely and wonderful Lindsay has gathered together an online silent auction fundraiser for me, which I’m so grateful about!  Pleaser read the below info and if you are able to donate an item or service it would be much appreciated. You all can participate from all over the country, you don’t have to be in CA to donate!

This is Lindsay Wood and I am facilitating a nationwide Silent Auction to support Tara Coyote's Healing Journey. The Auction will start Feb 28th and close April 12th. Learn more here.

Fundrasing GOAL: $10,000

We need your help getting the word out for silent auction items to launch on Feb 28th and here are suggestions for the items/services.

1. Do you know/are you a restaurant or store owner that can donate? (Dinners for 2-4, Brunch packages, Merch)

2. Do you know/are you a business owner? (Tax Services, Accountant, Living Trust/Will Preparation, Web Design, Music/Instrument Lessons, Tree Trimming, Gardening, Limo Service, Coaching, Cooking, Housecleaning, Babysitting, etc.)

3. Do you know/are you someone that is a Season Ticket Holder to Professional Team Sports Events?

4. Do you know/are you a Member of a Club, a Winery, a Concert/Theater Series? (Tickets and passes for a day/night)

5. Do you have nice Artwork, Jewelry, Designer Shoes or Purses, Nice Exercise/Sporting Equipment, anything gently used that people might be interested in buying that you no longer need/want?

6. Do you have a special talent/service that you can offer?

7. "Themed Gift Baskets"! (Easy to put together and a great item)8. Timeshare Property - Vacation Getaways? (A connection at a hotel for a getaway weekend?

To donate send the following information about your item or service donation to:

1) Donor's Name (Your name will be added as a donor)

2) Donor's Phone ( this will only be used if I need clarification)

3) Title of Item/Service + Location (if item can be mailed do not need location)

4) Subtitle of item (only if title is long)

5) Description of Item or service (keep it short and sweet)

6) Market Value of Item/Service you are offering

7) Minimum Bid you want to see (no less than 1/2 of market value)

8) Buy Now- If an item or service can be sold more than once you can select buy now and proceeds will be donated to Tara. Please share the "Buy Now Price"

9) Shipping- If an item can be shipped please add average shipping costs.

10) IMAGE- Send one image you want shown for your item To donate an item you do not need an account, however to participate and bid on items you will be asked to set up an account.

Thank you for your support!

To go to Tara's main fundraising page to give a direct donation please go to: YouCaring