March Health Update


Walking the Thin Line between Fear & Faith I’ve been gifted with immense beauty and inner reflection this past month. It was a blessing to visit my beloved home island of Kauai for a week to rejuvenate and also research some practical details about increasing my income to fund my healing protocol. This month also brought challenges, which ultimately helped to strengthen my willpower and intent to heal.

I am now entering into the third month of my ‘Greece Protocol’, which was prescribed from the results of the RGCC (Greece test). I had a lovely break from needles and the Vitamin C infusions during month two.  Month three brings me back to welcoming the healing golden elixir into my veins twice weekly. At the beginning of April I will do a tumor cell blood count test, which will indicate if the cancer cell markers have gone down (help me visualize that please!) I am choosing to monitor my body through these non-invasive blood tests to avoid the harmful radiation of PET scans and mammograms.

I did end up getting a MRI and ultrasound this past month, which showed that my tumor had grown a bit. BEFORE you hit the PANIC button, let me educate you about some interesting details. I have been doing TONS of research and have found that sometimes a tumor will grow from irritation (if you are hitting it from all angles, like Vitamin C infusions, Poly MVA, putting topical creams on my lymph nodes and breast which kill cancer cells and all these wondrous supplements I am taking) before it SHRINKS! The standard mode of reaction is FEAR: Oh my god, it is growing, douse it with chemotherapy, cut it out and kill it! Taking a deep breath, I am choosing to have faith in my body’s ability to heal AND taking a proactive full spectrum approach to healing.

This past month, I jumped into extreme action mode and also started to take black salve internally (a combination of four herbs which kill cancer cells and make me extremely nauseous) along with everything else listed above. Due to my intense protocol, I’m actually seeing cancer cell die off signs through a red rash on my chest, back and stomach, fever symptoms at times (my immune system kicking into action) and seeing evidence in my body excretions.

So you know that I am playing the role of the investigator reporter, I have also researched the reality of surgery and what that would mean for me. I have a back up action plans, should surgery become necessary. Please remember there are many healing methods beyond the standard trajectory. Stay tuned folks!

The general assumption with healing cancer naturally is that it is easy. Let me tell you, it is not! I am not dealing with the poisonous side effects of chemotherapy but I do have days where the nausea is crippling, I can barely eat and my partner gets to witness me as the bitch from hell!  The unpleasant side effects are all a result of the liver detoxifying and having to process the cancer cells dying off, which can make one feel terrible. I would much rather do the long haul and eradicate cancer this way than bomb my body with chemotherapy, surgery and radiation and then have the cancer come back years later stronger and more persistent. I am choosing to build my immune system rather than destroy it.

All in all I feel great and see the wonderful effects of all the inner and outer work I’ve been doing to heal my body, mind and spirit. The past month I’ve also dove into a deeper level of emotional healing and clearing mental blocks. Our bodies are made up of our past stories, experiences and mental conditioning. Whatever we don’t resolve lives on in our cells waiting for a time to re-emerge.  The reality that this tumor resides right over my heart is significant.  I’m choosing to release my past limited patterning and traumas to see myself 100% healed and living a vibrant, healthy life!

As I've been public with my cancer journey, the result is others reaching out for support and information regarding their own cancer journey. I'm honored that I'm seen an as inspiration and I'm glad to help out others when I can. This is certainly a challenging path to walk and if my struggles can serve to aid others that is great! I was interviewed for a TV show last week about my work with the horses and my present cancer path (will post link when I have it). I also started a private Facebook group a month ago for other cancer journeyers wanting information on how to treat their diagnosis with alternative means. It has thirty-people people in it and is a thriving, diverse, wise group of folks!

I am so grateful for all of you who have stepped up to support me through my journey! Lindsay Wood, my dear friend created an online silent auction fundraiser for me which is active till April 12. There are donations ranging from massages, to walking canes, dance passes, coaching (which can be done from ANY location), vacation rentals, glass work, pet sitting to a tipi! Please check it out and tell your friends about it! All of the proceeds go towards my healing fund and donations are still being accepted.  Thank you for all of you who have donated and bid! I would not be doing so well without your support!  Check it out at:  ONLINE SILENT AUCTION

Donations: If you feel inspired to donate directly to my fundraiser you can do so here:  You Caring

Love and gratitude to all of you for your love and support. This is certainly not an easy path to walk but it makes it much more bearable having so much love shining my way!

With aloha,