April Health Update - Great test results!


This photo is of Xaria & I doing a 'HAPPY DANCE' right after getting stellar test results back! I was eagerly anticipating my second ‘RGCC Greece Breast Oncoblot’ test results and last week I was thrilled with excellent results! The test is highly refined; it measures the circulating tumor cell count in the bloodstream.  It is not offered in the USA so my blood sample was sent to Greece. The results showed my cell count dropped from 8.2 to 6.5, which is almost a two-point drop! The average drop for the protocol I’m following is one point every three months, which means I'm doing double the healing!!

In the USA oncologists can't give results like this, as the standard cancer mode of care does not yet measure tumor cell counts. This test is a method of measuring cancer that is not yet in the mainstream reality although it is offered in other countries.  It is unfortunate as it could offer a way to monitor tumor cells rather than the standard chemotherapy mode of killing the entire immune system to ‘heal’ cancer.  For more info about the RGCC test please see: RGCC Article and the blog post by the wonderful Doctor V (whos ‘Greece protocol’ I am following) at: Doctor V Blog

For example, I could choose to follow the standard route of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation and be told I was in remission and my cancer was cured. Lurking beneath it all might be cancer tumor cells just waiting to come out stronger and more resistant to chemotherapy in the future. Unfortunately, this is often what happens to cancer patients when their cancer returns years later in another organ. The cancer tumor cells were just waiting in the bloodstream to develop into another tumor in the future.  I decided to take the route of going to the source to cure my cancer. Instead of focusing on killing and removing the tumor, I’m working on reducing the tumor cells in my bloodstream, which is the real culprit of the cancer. This way I am addressing the cause, not just the effect of this dance with cancer.

I received other breast thermography test results, which showed that my tumor had not grown from October to March!  This means my natural protocol is working and I’ve stopped the tumor growth in its tracks! For more info about breast thermography, go to: Thermography

It was suspected months ago that I had claymydia pneumonia, which was confirmed last week. This is a bacterium that can mask cancer and distract the bodies’ immune system into battling CP instead of the cancer cells. (Epstein Barr is a virus that can act in a similar manner.) What I’ve understood is Cancer and Lyme disease act very similar in the body. In fact many Cancer and Lyme patients are found to have CP or EB, which can pre-date the Cancer or Lyme growth.   I am now treating the chlamydia pneumonia with natural supplements and aiming to clear my body of the bacteria. Please know I have no symptoms of CP as I did not have breast cancer symptoms before diagnosis (besides the lump in my breast).

One of the many reasons I love alternative methods of care is that it actually searches for the CAUSE of the illness rather than treating the effect. Standard method of care never looked at my blood work to question what deficiencies might be lurking in my body. Their ideology was that bombing my whole immune system with chemotherapy was the best way to heal. How can I properly heal without a strong and vital immune system?

One other addition to my healing regiment is an AmpCoil machine, which is an energy and sound-healing device similar to the Rife Machine. I recently acquired it and have had powerful detoxification moments, which allows me to know that it is working at healing my body! There is no end to the mystery of how I will feel in my day-to-day life. On average I feel great but in a dynamic process of healing like this there are certainly the days where my body is freeing itself of toxins and the liver is processing dead cancer cells.  This is necessary for healing! I’m grateful to know I have a choice to heal with natural methods that are in alignment with my mind, body and soul.

Since my public announcement last week about my encouraging test results many of you have asked me what my protocol of healing is. Well, that is honestly another blog post as it is too much to contain in one short paragraph.  I promise I will publish my protocol soon so you all can read it. It is definitely a full time job to heal cancer naturally, which requires dedication, focus, support and a sense of humor!

The online silent auction was a HUGE SUCCESS! I’m truly touched and grateful for all of your love and support!  So many of you stepped up to offer donations, bid on items, donated money and have been so wonderful in so many ways! Thank you all for all that you give. You make my job of healing so much easier. I would not be doing so well without your love and support! If you missed a chance to participate in the silent action and would like to donate please go to: You Caring

I hope you are all enjoying this lovely springtime weather! All of us at Wind Horse Sanctuary are, even with all the mud puddles!

Love and gratitude to all of you,