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Sat Kriya in action!

Sat Kriya in action!

Sat Nam!

Wowza! I just got back from my dear friends Jai Dev Singh and Simrit's 'Life Force Immersion' and what a powerful experience it was! This is the fifth year I've attended, but this year I experienced another angle of the event as I was part of the work-study crew at the event. It was a complete honor and transcendental experience.

Kundalini yoga is the place where I find my center, transform my fears and transcend my limiting thought beliefs. I recommend kundalini yoga to anyone truly wishing to embody their fullest self. It is through this practice where I have found my joy through the death of two of my closest friends and a Stage 3 Breast Cancer diagnosis. There is so much to be thankful for and this practice helps me remember it. Gratitude is key for finding your way through a life-threatening diagnosis.

The picture above is actually featured in Jai Dev's 'Life Force Academy' page. Every time people open up the Academy forum they see this photo of me plus the other photo below. It's quite fortuitous I think that thousands of people are doing their yoga practice while seeing an image of me. I'm receiving blessings from all over the world which I KNOW is aiding in my healing!

I highly recommend you check out Jai Dev's page which has a cornucopia of classes, programs and offerings that can be accessed online. His teachings continue to transform peoples lives in incredible ways!  

Also please check out Simrit's music! Her music is completely transcendental, her voice is awe-inspiring and will touch your soul. Her music has been a cornerstone of my life in the 4.5 years since I've known her and has gotten me through some very difficult moments. She is truly talented!

I am so grateful to know both of these stellar friends. They continue to be humble and heartfelt in the face of their incredible success.

If you check out their sites and experience kundalini yoga, please let me know how it transforms your life!

I am excited to be teaching a three day equine facilitated learning workshop next month titled  Horse Medicine. Please click on the link for more info! 

Every few weeks I open enrollment for the next Cancer Healing Coaching group. I work with inspired individuals on the path of healing cancer naturally who would like to incorporate tools for navigating the mental and emotional challenges of this path.

If this is you, please send me a private message and we'll schedule a time to talk.

During our conversation, you will...
* Discover whether or not we are fit to work together.
* Find insight into hidden blocks that may be slowing or preventing your healing.
* Come away feeling renewed and inspired about your future!

For more information please check out my cancer healing coaching page.

With love,


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