Who would have thunk? I am healing from chemo!




Striking the Righteous Babe Ani Difranco pose!

I’m KICKING this cancer friends! πŸ’₯ Yes my dearies, I got STELLAR 🌟 test results back today!! Check it out: I just saw my sweet oncologist and my breast tumor markers have dropped by half! In May it was over 900, now they are around 400. This is good news! Liver markers have dropped too. She is very happy with the results and so am I! πŸŽ‰ Yay! Lungs are clearing and hip pain is better too! I’m actually forgetting my cane these days and walking half of the time without it! My weight seems to have stabilized at 112 lbs too and I haven’t lost more weight in two weeks, which is great! πŸ’₯ FABULOUS news all the way around!! πŸ’₯

Who would have thunk with all my resistance to chemo that it would actually be helping me so much?!? It took having my life almost snuffed out from cancer to make me examine and question my stubborn belief system! About time girl πŸ˜‰ Mahalo modern medicine for this extension of my life!

Who loves Ani DiFranco ? She very recently came out with her memoir, β€˜No Walls and the Recurring Dream’. ! I highly recommend it. She has quite the fascinating story and I LOVE that her book came out right when I shaved my hair off! Ani was one of the bold feminists who shaved her head in the early 90’s to make a statement about wimmin owning their own sexuality separate from the societal false belief of what is sexy/empowered. She is definitely a pioneer and has been an inspirational force for me since 1994 or so. Her music is raw, real, diverse, intelligent and highly creative. We are born the same year too! Thank you Ani for forging the way for us wimmin! 🌟πŸ’ͺ🏽🌟


This is me getting my last A/C treatment today. Now I’m onto three months of Taxol, which I’m told is much easier which I’m happy about!


This is a rather short entry here. I find this healing path is now taking me entirely inward, after my 2 years of being in the public eye on Facebook, doing interviews, blogging, videos, etc. I am enjoying the beautiful grace of living in Kauai, my father’s ancestral island and the quiet is doing me good! Plus the strength it takes to face my shadows and the physical side-effects that arise while doing chemotherapy takes ALL my energy. I’m quite thankful for the growth even during the brutally rough times, as I see it is indeed shining the diamond of my soul.

I am not entirely out of the public eye as I have decided to document my journey on Instagram. The support and connection with other cancer thrivers, dear cyber and real time friends and the artistic expression of photos is good for my spirit. Check it out on my Instagram page, where I post almost daily of the blessings and challenges of this epic path.

πŸ’₯ Thank you everyone for all the love and support that you’re shining upon me! It truly does make a difference! πŸ’₯

Love and aloha to all of you,


Photo taken around 7/0/19