Holiday Health Update


I frequently am asked how I’m doing. Here’s my honest answer: Generally I’m doing really well and each day brings new discoveries! Some days are gloriously wonderful while others can be difficult due to immense detoxification.. As I said in my video ‘Empowered Choice’, it is a daily practice to stay positive and work though the doubtful voices in one’s mind with a serious health diagnosis like this.  

Some of you have expressed concern that I am in pain or suffering. I am grateful to say that my body is feeling extremely healthy due to my health routine. Some days I am detoxifying and having a ‘healing response’ because of all of the herbal supplements I am taking but I’m generally feeling good. To clarify: the only sign that something was wrong with my body was a large lump in my breast.  I was feeling perfectly healthy pre-diagnosis. I have even lost weight with my new diet, which I view as a good thing as I had some extra pounds to lose!


Overall I am grateful. I see this as a wonderful opportunity to do deep transformational work and I am doing exactly that. When the shadows arise I allow myself to plunge into my fearful thoughts and find the gems hidden in the darkness.

There is a remarkable difference in survival rates with a diagnosis like mine between those who have ‘faith’ and those that don’t. I am grateful to have a plethora of tremendous inner belief. My spiritual practice (Kundalini yoga & deep inner belief in Spirit, God, Goddess or whatever you want to name it) is strong and keeps me tethered to my own inexplicable inner power that can jump over every hurdle that comes my way.

The other gift of a serious health diagnosis is the ability to understand how precious life is. When you don’t know if you’ll make it to your 50th birthday, life gets brighter, suddenly beauty jumps from the cracks of the sidewalk and you recognize just how fragile and luminous life is. I have great conviction I will live and tell this melodramatic tale but nothing is life is for certain. You never know, I could easily get squished by a‘ Acme’ anvil like my cartoon character twin Willy Coyote!

As far as my health routine goes, beyond my last update (read the bottom of 'In the Land of Detoxification' update), I have added an extensive amount onto my protocol based on the results of a complicated blood test I sent to Greece. This is an amazing test, which shows what natural supplements will directly impact and dissolve my tumor.

I’m grateful to have these detailed results as I know what will heal me. Unfortunately the supplements that I’ve been prescribed are extremely expensive. If I followed the protocol to a T it would cost me $4,000 a month or more. I’ve been prescribed Vitamin C infusions that cost $250 per infusion, a fermented soy drink that I’m supposed to drink daily which is $50 a dose and other pricey supplements. I’m honestly not sure how I will cover these new costs and in the last couple of days it has become extremely stressful as this new reality is settling in.

I find it frustrating and ironic that if I had chosen the western medical route my treatment would be $300,000 or more, which would be covered by my insurance. Yet I am choosing a route that is in alignment with my body to heal and NOTHING is covered save for certain blood tests!! To choose an alternative route, one must pay completely out of pocket.

That said, if you feel inclined to donate to my health protocol, I would be very grateful! I want to stay alive and at this point I am seeing that raising even more money is key to that pertinent goal. Thank you to all of you who have donated, every little bit makes a huge difference!! (This is challenging for me to ask by the way.)


Through out the last couple of months I’ve become convinced that each of us has an innate ability to heal ourselves of whatever manifested malady we have. We are not victims to our dis-eases and pathologies. Our so-called illnesses are actually gifts to help us create a deeper possibility for profound healing.  I believe our cells have the capacity to transform and transmute whatever illness or injury we’ve been presented. I am deeply grateful for this lesson. With this premise I have great confidence that I can heal myself.

Armed with immense faith, courage, tenacity, medical help (whether it be allopathic or alternative medicine) and the ability to do one’s inner work, we can utterly transform whatever reality we have manifested.

Thank you for your support, love, prayers, gifts, donations,fundraisers and all that you all have done for me. I’m immensely grateful for you all.. You buoy me up in times of doubt and my heart is learning to receive because of the generosity you all shine upon me. Thank you so much for being by my side!

Love you all,


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P.S. If you feel like leaving a comment, they are very welcome! I read all of them and though I might not answer you, they are definitely appreciated as it lifts my spirits! Thank you...  :-)

P.P.S. Many thanks to the talented photographer Shawn Reeder who gifted me with a photography session on Winter Solstice! To see more of this fabulous photos from the shoot featuring Syris, Xaria, kitties and I please go to: Shawn's photoshoot