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Hi folks!  

As I know some of you won’t make it past the first paragraph I wanted to tell you this exciting news first!  I am very proud of the three-minute video that Syris and I made sharing a bit of my journey.   My intention in creating this was to encourage people with a serious health diagnosis to take time and tune into what path of healing is right for them, regardless of whatever course of action it might be. If you feel inspired please share it! Cancer Warrioress Video

It’s been a month since my last update.  During this time my body has been doing an immense amount of detoxification due to the cleansing diet I am on. If you’re curious to see the details of ‘Tara’s Boot Camp’ please scroll down to the PROTOCOL part of the page to soak in all the details. I also provide a RESOURCE list as well if you’re interested in valuable resources that I’ve found.  I’ve geeked out with all the information here so I hope you enjoy it! J

Generally, I’ve been feeling pretty good. There are days when my detoxification routine kicks in so I’m tired and need to rest. Overall my body is adjusting to the extreme amount of vegetable juices, nutrition, supplements and herbs I’m consuming. I often am met with surprise when I’m out in the world and regularly hear, “Wow, you look so healthy and vibrant!” It is a common assumption that with a Stage 3 Cancer Diagnosis one should look sickly and depleted. To be clear, I was not feeling sick when I received my diagnosis and as I am choosing to load myself up with an extreme amount of nutrients that there is no way I cannot look healthy! Also, I realize I am breaking the paradigm as someone going through an allopathic cancer treatment (chemotherapy, surgery, radiation) is processing such a massive amount of toxins that there is no way they cannot look sick, exhausted, malnourished etc. I am choosing to build up my immune system rather than break it down.

I recently did a complicated blood test that required me sending my blood sample to Greece. The results came back and my tumor marker count was higher than I had expected at 8.2.  When told what this means, “According to the Greece Labs anything above a level of 5 is considered either not responding to the current treatment or a later stage (above a stage 1-2).”

For clarifications sake about ‘not responding to current treatment’:  I had only been on my full on healing routine for one week when I had the blood withdrawn so the statement above does not apply to me.  The later stage comment is not new information as well.  It is a bit dis-heartening as I have the sense that if I focus intently like I’ve been doing for the last month, ingesting extreme amount of vegetables and other bizarre substances,  while also changing my way of thinking than everything will magically heal. Patience, Tara, healing takes time. What this shows me is that I have a road ahead of me, I knew that to be true before but now I get it on a deeper level. This experience is making me dig down to find all of my inner strength to continue on in a transformational manner.

I do plan to test my tumor cell count again in 90 days so I can accurately monitor my body.  Please note that I am choosing a blood test, as it is non-invasive as opposed to other monitoring methods.  The western modes such as biopsies, MRIs, PET scans etc. entail cutting into the tumor which can spread the cancer and immense amount of radiation which I am choosing to not poison my body with. I am learning quite a bit about the difference between western and alternative methods, which will be the subject of a future video. In short, my conclusion from seeing my dear friend Deb Hubsmith on her 22-month journey with Acute Myeloid Leukemia from diagnosis to death and now my own experience of being in the system is that the western method in regards to cancer is not really about health but all about profit.  (I know I will ruffle some feathers with that statement and if you would like to do further research about the topic please read the RESOURCE list below. I do not discount the individual western doctors intention of healing, this statement is addressed at the pharmaceutical companies rather than any single doctor.)  I respect my body far more than to give a fat pay bonus to the resident oncologist for my prescribed dose of expensive chemotherapy.  I say, “No thank you!”

I am going to UCSF next week to get a second opinion. This is just for curiosities sake as I am a research junkie. There is no way I plan to be treated there or follow the allopathic route.

There have been many gifts on this journey that I’m grateful for. In the past five years, there have been many hoops to jump though, if you are curious to hear more of my transformational stories please go to my Wind Horse Sanctuary blog. I have learned that an ‘attitude of gratitude’ serves me far more than feeling sorry for myself and getting stuck in my own problems. I see every challenge as an opportunity to polish the diamond of my soul and although I would love to not have a serious cancer diagnosis now, I am choosing to embrace and use it as a route for unbelievable transformation!  I am fortunate to have found Kundalini Yoga three years ago, which is a powerful practice to bring me to what is real and out of the quagmire of my mind.

As far as my healing protocol goes it is a rigorous schedule, which is a ginormous time commitment. (Please see SCHEDULE below.) It takes dedication and hard work but it beats chemotherapy which would completely annihilate my immune system and all the other nasty effects it brings. I am pretty much following the Gerson diet although due to the recent test results am seriously considering completely diving into this healing protocol to achieve the maximum benefits. For more info about the Gerson diet please see the resource list below. It has amazing results through diet (vegetable juices and vegetables) and coffee enemas. It has been studied and proven since 1920 and has amazing success rates of curing cancer and other maladies.

To see how wonderfully full and committed I am to my healing routine you can see my daily regiment below. You will see this is the MOST detailed update ever! Why? Simply because I am asked questions all the time about what I am doing and sources and such so I thought I would lay it all for y’all to see!

**Please know that after extensive research I am choosing this route to be my healing path. I am not advocating that others take this direction. I support every individual to choose the route to healing that is in alignment with them.**


  • Kundalini yoga sadhana – Purpose:  Keeping myself focused on healing, energetically clearing away any doubts, fears or blocks – staying mentally clear! For more info check out my wonderful friend & teacher Jai Dev Singh’s site: Kundalini Yoga
  • Baking soda in water followed by a glass of lemon water / Purpose – to alkalinize body – cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment   (so delicious – you should try it - lol!):  Baking soda - At time of publishing this blog I just started using Phour salts for the same purpose: Phour
  •  Coffee enema:  Enema
  • Freshly made veggie juices with most of these veggies:
    • Green peppers
    • Celery
    • Cucumbers
    • Carrots
    • Broccoli
    • Chard
    • Collard greens
    • Cilantro
    • Purple cabbage
    • Asparagus
    • Cauliflower
    • Dandelion greens
    • Green apples
    • Lemons
    • Brussels sprouts
    • Broccoli & mung bean sprouts (we are sprouting our own!
  •  Breakfast which is usually bone broth, duck egg scrambled with spinach, sprouts and kim chee  or various yummy things
  •  Exercise: jogging, rebounder, walking: Exercise
  • Infrared sauna: Sauna
  • Colonics once every two weeks:  Colonics
  • Enzymes taken hourly:  Enzymes
  • Food: veggies, bone broth, no grains, no solid meat, simple foods (There is evidence that eating meat causes cancer Reference:  ‘Forks Over Knives DVD’, Healing Cancer from the Inside Out Part 2 DVD)
  • Cannabis products:  Cannabis
  • Essential oil application on the tumor and lymph node sites as Frankincense has been proven to shrink tumors! Frankincense
  • Positive visualization, time for contemplation, centering, clearing away the doubts and mind gremlins when they come my way.  Positive visualization
  • Castor Oil PacksHow to make & 30 Castor Oil Uses
  • Rest when needed although I must admit this is difficult for me
  • Nature & horse time
  • Various healing modalities: chiropractic, acupuncture, deep inner work
  • Researching cancer – reading, watching movies, talking to people
  • Puppy play because Xaria is just the most delightful little ball of fluffy joy! Shared for humorous purposes: Aussies are the best!!
  • Vitamins and Supplements List:
    • Curcumin (Turmeric)
    • Zinc
    • Resveratrol
    • DDR prime (Do Terra)
    • Enzymes (Pork)
    • Probiotics
    • Se-zyme forte (Selenium
    • Mushrooms (Turkey tail is my constant one. I cycle through using Agarikon for a few weeks, then Cordyceps then Chaga then cycling back through to Agarikon)
    • Vitamin D
    • Vitamin C
    • Multi vitamin
    • Dried desiccated liver capsules
    • Tinctures for cleansing: Dandelion, milk thistle, and mistletoe
    • Two drops of iodine a day
    • Essiac tea
    • Ayurvedic ghee drink
    • CBD oil

I am so grateful for all of the love that has come pouring my way since my diagnosis. These very special healers have come forth to give me free healing sessions & products. I would like to sincerely thank:

  • Samantha Raven-Russell
  • Jason Manthis
  • Elizabeth Rose
  • Lindsay Wood
  • Schelli Whitehouse
  • Barbara  Henriolle
  • Catherine Kara
  • Yvonne Watcher
  • Osher Levi
  • Amity & Paige Hotchkiss
  • Amber Magnolia Hill
  • Rich Fisher
  • Nandi Szabo
  • Karen Garfunkle
  • Candra Severson
  • Karri Knowles
  • Liz Novakoski
  • Dawn Lorraine McGrath

Thanks to all of the others that have offered healing sessions as well!

I am deeply touched by these generous friends below who organized fundraisers for me in the past month. Never would I have imagined that I would be in this position to receive and I am truly grateful for these wonderful friends :

  • Taya Malakian – Kundalini yoga workshop  -  Thanks to Amanda Dozal & Graham Hayes of Wild Mountain Yoga Studio for hosting the workshop!
  • Moana Diamond – Prince Dance – Thanks to all that helped & donated time for this event: Tom Finch, Neiel Cavin, Dalila Cunha, Susan Toch, Candra Severson and all that attended!
  • Joy Sassoon of Gioia Boutique - Thanks to Yemaya  Duby for help & the generous folks who donated to the silent art fundraiser:  Mary Serphos, Cynthia Marie Rose, Bree Brown, Mymuna Damore, Margaret Muldoon
  • Jill Mattesich-Udoutch – A kind womyn whom I never have met offered a group sound healing recently!

Thank you to everyone who has donated to my online fundraiser! This has been quite a journey and I wouldn’t be doing so well without all of you.


Donation link: You Caring

I am learning to open to receive. This is tremendously healing for me as I have always been a giver. It requires immense softening which ultimately is essential to my healing.

Last but not least I would like to thank:

  • Syris Metara for being my ever present partner who is selflessly giving to my healing cause through his research, veggie juice making, dish washer extraordinaire services, puppy player, horse feeder, support, humor, being able to roll with what comes our way and being a rock in the midst of a storm.
  • Rowen Holland for being my super duper friend who recently moved to the Grass Valley area, is also a fellow cancer journeyer and a solid supportive friend. It is not easy being on this path and I commend her for her inner strength to keep moving forward.  (See her fundraiser here which I created for her in January: Fundraiser   I’m so grateful to have her close by my side!
  • Amanda Kenney for being my dear friend who has brought me home made delicious bone broths, soups, veggies from her garden and fun little surprises almost weekly for the last two months.  She is truly an angel!
  • My family: I know my decisions have deeply challenged their belief systems and I am grateful for their attempt to understand my  'radical' health decision.
  • Group Healing Call: Every two weeks we have a group healing call and these powerful friends have been key to keeping my spirits boosted throughout these two months. I extend my deepest gratitude to: Wendi Kallins, Amity Hotchkiss, Paige Hotchkiss, Michelle Russi, Tom Finch, Wendy Botwin, Andy Peri, Mary Lou Perry, Peter Belt, Lucinda Vette, Julie Simonsen, Syris Metara, Christopher Campbell, Anny Owen, Devi Peri, Lindsay Wood, Love Devine & Siena McCarthy
  • Thank you to all the others I have not mentioned who have given me fabulous advice, boosted me up when needed and are solid, loving forms of support, I couldn’t do this without you.. Love you all!


As one would imagine, I have been questioned by why I could go against the mainstream medical paradigm with my decision.  After months of research I have compiled this list for any who are interested. The items with the asterisk * are my top picks:

The Gerson Method


  • *Dying to Have Known (about Gerson method – on Netflix)
  • *Healing Cancer from the Inside Out
  • *The Truth about Cancer 9 CD set
  • The Gerson Miracle
  • Forks over Knives
  • Diseases Don’t Just Happen by Lorraine Day
  • Curing Cancer by Lorraine Day
  • Drugs Never Cure Disease by Lorraine Day
  • Crazy Sexy Cancer - Kris Carr


  • *Heal Breast Cancer Naturally - Dr. Veronique Desaulniers
  • *Radical Remission, Surviving Cancer against all Odds - Kelly Turner
  • *Waking the Warrior Goddess – Christine Horner
  • Knockout - Doctors who are curing cancer - Suzanne Somers
  • Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients - Russell Blaylock
  • Breast Caner Survival Manuel - John Link
  • Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book = Susan Love
  • Cancer: 50 essential things to do - Greg Anderson
  • Breast Cancer: What you should know (but may not be told) about prevention, diagnosis and treatment - Steve Austin
  • Breast Cancer - Breast Health - Susan Weed
  • Crazy Sexy Cancer Survivor - Kris Carr
  • The Truth about Cancer - Ty Bollinger
  • Cancer - Step Outside the Box - Ty Bollinger

Fundraiser: If you feel motivated to donate to my healing protocol, it would be much appreciated. The costs for the doctors, supplements and various healers are adding up fast and every little donation makes a difference. Thank you from the depths of my heart to those of you who have donated, I am humbled and honored by all the love and generosity coming my way! Donation link: You Caring

Please take time to enjoy life, it is so fleeting, we are all just passing through..

If you could please focus on visualizing this for me I would be oh so appreciative!


My tumor shrinking

The cancer leaving my lymph nodes

My body being able to wash away any toxins or emotional baggage that are feeding the cancer

See me healed and living a long life!


Love and gratitude to all of you! 



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