Almost Cancer Free!


WoW, I got some great news this week! I'm almost cancer free!! I got the latest Oncotrail blood test back from Greece and I dropped from a 3 to a 1.7! Under 1 is cancer free!

(*For more info about the RGCC/Oncotrail/Greece test scroll to the bottom)

Syris (my smarty-pants partner who is good with a calculator) figured out the percentages: When I was first tested one year ago I scored at 8.2. The next test was in April and I went to 6.5, which was a 20.7% drop. July's test showed a dramatic drop from 6.5 to a 3, which was a 53.7% drop! My latest test in October was a 43.3% drop from 3 to 1.7.

All the doctors following my progress say they have never seen someone healing so fast with this particular program and are amazed at my progress. I'm feeling VERY blessed after such a serious life threatening diagnosis (Stage 3 Breast Cancer and 8.2 RGCC test score) one year ago and to be healing rapidly. I've stepped away from the jaws of death, thank goddess! It was scary for a while there. 🌟

The other day I had a conversation with a receptionist at a natural clinic I visit. She had tears in her eyes as she spoke about all the patients (cancer and other illnesses) they interact with trying to change their course of treatment as they have become so sick from standard medicine. She shared how it broke her heart to see how ill cancer patients looked from the massive doses of chemotherapy and drugs that were pumped into their system. I told her that a year ago I was given a Stage 3 Breast Cancer diagnosis and she was shocked at how healthy and vibrant I looked. She had no idea my body was dealing with the same prognosis the allopathic patients were struggling with. That put it all into perspective for me.

It made me reflect about if I had followed the route that was prescribed to me of four months of the 'big guns' of chemotherapy (chemotherapy they told me would kill anyone older than me as they would be giving me a heavy dose due to my young age), surgery and radiation, I would be terribly sick right now. I would not be able to travel and share my story of healing cancer naturally as I would be most likely very skinny, my immune system dramatically compromised and facing CHALLENGING side effects such as:

hair loss brain fog digestive issues mouth sores anxiety and depression hot flashes and menopause (I WOULD be in menopause!) weak heart nausea and vomiting loss of appetite decreases urination red urine discolored fingernails bone loss sexual dysfunction skin effects poor coordination and tired muscles swollen hands and feet


Instead, I am feeling great, energetic and healthier than I have felt in all my life! Cancer has been a wonderful gift to bring me to true health. Thank you my wise teacher cancer!


After seeing two of my closest friends die young from their own cancer diagnosis within two years each of their discovering it, I KNOW how fortunate I am to be healthy and recovering! Give thanks for life as it's a precious gift!! 🍁🙏🍁


You CAN heal cancer naturally with your immune system intact. I am living proof!!! Cancer does NOT have to suck, in fact it can be a GREAT opportunity for tremendous inner growth! Time to recreate the paradigm folks. We have to power to heal ourselves. Yes, we do!!! 💪🏽🌟

RGCC test:

RGCC Greece test:  The test is highly refined; it measures the circulating tumor cell count in the bloodstream.  It is not offered in the USA so the blood sample is sent to Greece. In the USA oncologists can’t give results like this, as the standard cancer mode of care does not yet measure tumor cell counts. This test is a method of measuring cancer that is not yet in the mainstream reality although it is offered in other countries.  It is unfortunate as it could offer a way to monitor tumor cells rather than the standard chemotherapy mode of killing the entire immune system to ‘heal’ cancer.  For more info about the RGCC test please see: RGCC Article and the blog post by the wonderful Doctor V (who’s ‘Greece protocol’ I am following) at: Doctor V Blog

There are two RGCC or Greece tests I have done, the general one and the OncoTrail test: The general RGCC or Greece test measures the circulating tumor cell count AND tests the impact certain natural supplements will have on cancer cells. This allows me to know WHAT natural substances are best at killing cancer cells. In the big picture it is worth every dollar spent on this test as it allows to me know that EVERY pill I swallow is making a difference at impacting the cancer cells, as opposed to swallowing pills and not knowing if they are viable for my particular diagnosis. Healing cancer naturally is expensive enough (as insurance does not cover the protocol) without worrying if what I'm taking is effective or not. This test costs about $2,200. If you want to check how certain chemotherapy drugs will effect you the cost is about $3,000. (I did not test the effects of chemotherapy as I KNEW I would not be using it.)

The OncoTrail test is the test I take every three months to gauge what my tumor cell count is at. It costs in the range of $800 or so.

Unfortunately the standard medical system does not incorporate these tests, although they are commonly used in other countries. If the RGCC test was offered in the USA it would cost about $25,000 due to expensive insurance costs!