Breasts, Surgery & Breast Cancer


Breasts, surgery and breast cancer: There is the common belief in allopathic medicine when one is diagnosed with breast cancer that to survive you must either get a lumpectomy (cutting tumor out) or a mastectomy (cutting one or both breasts off). I'm here to say that you CAN heal from a breast cancer diagnosis without surgery! I'm living proof. I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer one year ago. I was told to LIVE I would need to blast my body with the 'big guns' of chemotherapy for four months, have either a lumpectomy or mastectomy and then radiation followed by possibly more chemo. It would take a year to treat and my chances of survival were slim. I did NONE of the prescribed treatment and followed an all natural path choosing what was in alignment with my body and I am almost CANCER FREE!!

When I thought about chopping off one or both of my breasts I was horrified! My breasts sustained my beautiful son for the first 22 months of his life. Why would I want to remove an essential part of my body, which was my feminine personal power?

When I dug into research I discovered that many wimmin who chose to have surgery, either a lumpectomy or mastectomy would still have reoccurring cases of cancer! Surgery does not mean you will be cancer free! In many cases surgery can increase the spread of  cancer as when you cut into cancer cells it can cause them to multiply (this is why biopsies are dangerous too).

Jenny Hrbacek found a penny sized tumor in her breast (which was much smaller than mine btw) and decided to get a double mastectomy. She thought she was cancer free until she took the RGCC test and discovered her tumor cell count was 14.2! (which is extremely high and dangerous) Cancer Free: Are you Sure?

I decided to take the courageous path and not dismember my body because of the twisted fear of the allopathic world. I started visualizing the tumor shrinking, the cancerous cells returning back to normal cells and IT IS WORKING! My breast is intact and my body is healing! As the cancer cells die off the tumor turns into scar tissue.

I have heard horrific stories of wimmin who have chopped off their breasts, gone through painful surgery after surgery for reconstruction only to have lymphedema impair them possibly for life and sometimes  the cancer returns years later. I do not share this to cause you to doubt yourself if this has been your path, may you heal and thrive. I share this to inform. The allopathic world does NOT inform patients of the full story due to the tremendous profit they receive from conventional cancer treatment. Sad, but true.

I see modern day cancer treatment for breast cancer as similar to the witch trials hundreds of years ago. It's a way to take away our power as wimmin. Yes the comparison is severe but when you've ben steeped in the cancer treatment world for four years you get a clear view of the system.

BRCA Gene: Surgically removing ones breasts to avoid breast cancer, like Angelina Jolie  is a barbaric treatment and not necessary! Diet and lifestyle play a bigger role in getting cancer, genes are only 5-10% of the factor. Check out epigenetics for more info.

Bottom line: you can survive and thrive from breast cancer WITHOUT surgery! With a solid natural protocol and a lot of inner work it can be done. Save the boobies!  😉

Shared with love 💙

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