True Healing


The previous topic was how ‘Fear of Morality’ is understandably very relevant with cancer patients. I’ve been blessed to spend time in Antigua, West Indies this week on a partially free trip. Throughout my adventure here, I allowed myself to dive into shadows of doubt and fear that were lining my subconscious mind and ultimately preventing myself from full healing. As I shared before it is challenging to go against the standard route of treatment (chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and hormones) when journeying with cancer. It takes great inner tenacity to believe that one can heal without the modern day drugs. Not only are you fighting your own inner doubts, but the fears of others close to you who would be devastated by your death.

The sentence ‘you have cancer’ can make even the most resilient soul tremble with the terror of what we know about cancer. The thought of cancer conjures up images of bald headed, skinny, sickly patients. (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “You look so healthy and vibrant!” when someone sees me and they know I received a Stage 3 Breast Cancer Diagnosis over one year ago!) I’ve got news for you. Most of the images that come to mind when you think of cancer is due to the effects of chemotherapy, not cancer itself.

Chemotherapy is a carcinogen that was developed in World War 2 as a weapon of war.  Chemotherapy is used to treat cancer, but in doing so it annihilates the entire immune system. If the cancer comes back years later, it is stronger and more resistant to chemotherapy. It sometimes works but it is definitely a topic that most cancer patients ARE NOT fully informed about, which is why I am sharing this with you. (Please note: if you or your beloveds have chosen this route of treatment there is no judgment and I wish health and wellness for you and them.)

When I received the cancer diagnosis over a year ago I chose to treat myself 100% naturally. I had seen what had happened to my beloved best friend through out her twenty-two month journey with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and I was determined to heal myself through natural methods. With this decision, I knew I had a powerful choice.  I could either fear the cancer or love it. I decided that if the cancer was there, it was for a divine purpose. (There have been many gifts the cancer has brought, which is the topic of a future post!) I decided to embrace the cancer and therefore allow my body to heal with love rather than fear. I have never used the word, ‘fight’ or ‘kill’ when it comes to my cancer journey. Why would I choose to hate something that my body created?

In my time here in Antigua I dove into what further tools I need to shrink this tumor in my breast. Books such as ‘Radical Remission’, ‘The Biology of Belief’ and ‘You are the Placebo’ have been inspirational for me in seeing that if I indeed choose to heal myself I can do so! There have many instances of patients healing themselves from all sorts of life-threatening illnesses due to them believing they could, so why not me?

I have surprised my doctors with how fast my Greece/RGCC tumor cell counts are dropping. (This is my main method for tracking my progress and is a highly refined blood test.)  I know one of the main reasons why I am healing so fast is that I believe I will heal AND I have been working hard with a full time healing protocol!

True healing is the harmony between the head (belief) and the heart (faith). Walking forward with my heart open and my head believing the cancer is leaving my body causes the perfect alchemical combination to make it so.

We all have the ability to heal ourselves of whatever malady we are facing. For more information about this topic, I suggest you read one of the above-mentioned books. Our minds are much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. The human DNA possesses the potential to shift and change depending on our thought currents. Believe that you will heal and YOU WILL! In this truth we are free to embrace our lives and live to our full potential.

What do you want to shift in your life and how can you change your belief system to make that possible? Believe it and YOU WILL!!



Do you feel like you would like to connect with other like-minded individuals on your cancer-healing journey? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed and alone with the vast amount of information and choices in front of you?  Are you under pressure from your friends, family and the medical profession to follow the standard route of cancer treatment?

I am VERY EXCITED to announce a four week cancer coaching program that starts in January!  This unique program will provide to support and EMPOWERMENT to patients navigating an alternative approach to healing cancer.

What you will receive: -Once-a-week 2-hour group meetings through Zoom -Private Facebook group during the duration of the program -One 45-minute private coaching call with Tara as a follow up call post-program -One bonus material video about fundraising for your cancer healing protocol -Exercises each week to help you tune into each week's topic

Topics we will cover: -Facing fear – Learning how to navigate the journey of cancer with courage and grace. Taming the tiger of your mind. -Finding your truth: Making your own decision about the best course of treatment despite what your family/friends/health professionals think is best for you. -You are your own healer: Empowerment to claim your own healing journey/power of the mind -Creating a path/plan of healing: Find your optimum course of healing that is best for YOU!

For more info please go to: 4 Week Cancer Coaching Program