Riding the Waves of Change

Yes, my friends Wind Horse Sanctuary is closing! I made a little 2 minute YouTube video sharing my thanks to the 750 people on my mailing list last night. You can check it out on by clicking the link above or click here: Video.

Here’s what I wrote in my newsletter: Thank you all for being such a wonderful part of my vision! Seven years ago I had a dream to create a sacred space for people to get away from the stress of their daily lives and immerse themselves in the tranquil beauty of nature and the healing energy of horses. I am proud to say that my dream was indeed successful when Wind Horse Sanctuary was manifested five years ago. Many of you benefited from being on the land and participating in the horse workshops and it was such a joy to host all of you! I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have served the community in this manner through one day workshops, 'Grief Rituals with Horses', three day workshops, private sessions and through hosting guests at the cottage. 

This past summer was tremendously stressful as I struggled with the reality of what was unfolding. After having many tantrums, freak outs, melt downs and such I am now at peace. I see that this is the next stage of my path. I would never have chosen to sell this magical land but circumstances have unfolded in this manner where I have no option to. I am facing this reality with grace and acceptance as I truly do trust in the strange unfolding of fate. If you are not aware of the issue that unfolded with a neighbor and the planning department please check out my August blog post: Let your Faith be Bigger than your Fear.

I hope to continue the horse work in some capacity but at this point I am not sure what that will look like. Stay tuned!

As far as my health is concerned I am doing well! This summer was extremely challenging with the realization that I could not financially support my horses, land and health costs. The silver lining of not having a booked retreat center was that I could visit the Optimum Health Institute in San Diego on partial scholarship for two weeks and focus on my health. My time in San Diego was tremendously beneficial to drop me into my body and find my sense of equilibrium again. I am so grateful to have had that opportunity! I highly recommend anyone visiting there who is wanting to find balance in their life, it is truly a wonderful place.

After my move is over I hope to be able to drop into a deeper sense of serenity with my health and in life in general. It’s been quite a turbulent time. While I can always find the rainbows in the clouds, I am looking forward to calmer waters. I am optimistic that these incredible changes are for the better, how can they not be?

In July, I started some new health protocols as it felt like my body needed a complete change. With the loss of income I had to limit my expenses. I chose to take a break from taking 25 pills at every meal. Since July I have been on the Dr. Morse protocol, completely vegan and pretty much eating a live food, raw diet. I also have started taking CBD oil which has been wonderful to calm my anxiety down during this time, help me sleep and take away pain. I’m very excited about this new addition to my protocol. For more info about CBD: CBD HEALS! If you have questions about CBD oil, please reach out! There is also a great business opportunity for those that want to bring in some extra income. CBD is a hot item now and it’s a great time to get involved!

This Sunday, October 21 we will be having a ginormous moving sale at Wind Horse Sanctuary. For info about that please visit: Estate Sale. I also am selling about 90 items on an online auction site to raise money for my healing fund. There are many wonderful items including: new, high quality jewelry from New Zealand, books, horse bitless bridles and reins, horse items, bike bags and many more treasures! The sale ends on November 2. Check it out here: 32 Auctions.

Thank you all for showing and enriching my life the way you have! I am incredibly grateful for all of the support Love you all! 💙