Tara's Health Update: Dancing on the Beach


Dancing on the Beach in Perfect Health!

Please help visualize this for me!

Health Update: I have been waiting to share this news to give it time to integrate within myself and others close to me. If you’ve been following my story you’ll have seen the last seven months have been horrendously stressful with losing my main AirBnb income, deciding to sell Wind Horse Sanctuary, giving up my business, moving, hosting a moving sale, doing an online silent auction to raise funds for cancer treatment and putting the ranch on the market. During this very turbulent whirlwind I discovered that the cancer which had previously been contained had progressed. One of my main doctors told me she suspected this would happen to me as someone cannot have such a serious health issue, go through their life being turned upside down and stop the cancer from progressing. It was simply too much for my body to handle.

I found out in late October that the breast cancer had spread to my lungs and sternum bone. This kicked me Into high gear where I researched clinics to go to in Mexico and Germany. I hopped on a plane after obtaining a very generous loan from a dear friend to Hope4Cancer in Cancun, Mexico where I received impeccable treatment. Being there for three weeks was exactly what Syris and I needed after the massive amount of stress we endured after finding out the ranch needed to be sold. I had 8 hours of powerful cancer treatments (many which are illegal and prohibitively expensive in the US) for six days a week. I was so blessed to be there with the loving staff at Hope4Cancer. At the end of my time there I discovered that there was also a small spot on my liver that was there when I arrived. Oops.

The wonderful news after my time at Hope4Cancer was that the tumor in my breast shrank by 1/3, my blood test scores improved and two out of the five lymph nodes in my armpit vanished after treatment! So the treatment was successful and I’m optimistic about all the pills, shots, infrared light, infusions, saunas, enemas, juicing being as equally successful! My plan is to follow through with the healing routine that I received from Hope4Cancer, get retested and visit Mexico again in March.

I’m now devoted to a full time healing routine as I am aware of how serious my situation is. The Tara that devoted time to helping others on their cancer journey is now focused on SELF-HEALING or as one of my dear friends calls it SELF FULNESS! I am receiving infusions that create apoptosis with cancer cells and have stepped up my healing routine. When the shit hit the fan months ago, I stopped my infusions as it was not possible to do with the loss of my income and the stress of moving. I am dedicated to life, healing and at the same time surrendered to what may be.

My goal is to appreciate each moment and to live as fully as I can as I am well aware of how short and precious life is. It is actually quite a gift to be given a life threatening diagnosis as I realize how much beauty and joy surrounds me in every moment! I am deeply grateful for this life even if it is much shorter than I had wished for. I plan to use all my inner fortitude, drive, vision, focus and stamina to heal!

I am not a victim! Please do not allow the energetic thought form of ‘Poor Tara, now the cancer is at stage 4’ course through your head. My goal all along has been to walk this cancer healing path in the most empowered manner possible and I still hold this vision! I am thankful for this opportunity to seize life fully and I am doing everything in my power to heal within my belief system! I have no regrets and while I might have made some slight changes to my healing protocol if I had a chance to do it over again I fully believe in the choices I have made. I see the cancer growth as a cause and effect from the dramatic stress my mind, body and spirit was under from such a traumatic change in my life this summer. I was doing well before that fateful letter from the planning department.

The other wonderful news is that I am going back home to my fathers ancestral island of Kauai, Hawaii to heal! Ever since I was a baby Kauai has been the most epic healing place for me on Earth. I am blessed to have a place to live and extended family and friends there as I have lived there several times in my life. I feel deep in my heart that I can access my healing powers there and leave behind the stress that unfolded in the past years. I am so grateful to go back home again to the tropical paradise that is deeply embedded in my DNA.

Thank you all for the continuous love, prayers, financial support and faith you shine upon me! I am fortunate to have a loving community that holds me as y’all do. The biggest gift of this journey is learning I am deeply loved and cherished and all of you have helped me with this!

Please see me this like this photo: dancing 💃🏽 playfully on the beach, healthy and whole, which is who I am at my mermaid core! Others have indeed healed from a condition such as this and I TRULY BELIEVE in my infinite capacity to heal! Visualization is a powerful thing and you all can help me manifest this! Thank you for your help. Love to all of you! 💙🙏💙

PS Part of my dedication to step up for my own self care is to withdraw a bit from the world of social media. Previously I was active daily on six social media pages which got to be extremely overwhelming and a bit nutty! I am now sharing primarily on my Instagram page. I love the art of telling a story with a fascinating photo and am enjoying sharing the depth and vulnerability of my journey there. If you want to see the nitty gritty daily ups and downs of what it’s like to courageously face a Stage 4 BC diagnosis please follow me here: Instagram!