It's a choice: Victim or Empowerment!


Do you choose to be a victim or to be empowered?

It’s a daily choice!

Aloha friends!

It’s been a while since I posted here. Let me just say it’s been a CRAZY last couple of months! Syris, Xaria and I moved back to my ancestral homeland of Kauai, Hawaii after selling Wind Horse Sanctuary. Making a major move 3,000 miles away , liquidating a retreat center and selling a ranch is no minor feat, let me tell you!

We’ve been on Kauai for a month. Much of the time here has been spent fixing broken things as we moved into a yurt off the grid. Then there was the crazy storm with 60 MPH winds that knocked trees on our dwellings and caused major damage. Mama mia! I continually give thanks for what flows with ease and pray to have the patience to ride the challenging waves. I’m very grateful as I have connected with some powerful healers here with advanced therapies which I did not have access to in CA.

Tomorrow we are back to the mainland for a Pet Scan, doctors visits, trip to Hope4Cancer in Mexico and then back to CA again to tie up lose ends. Life is a never ending journey it seems!

If you want to follow my journey please check out my Instagram page as I’m sharing quite vulnerably there and doing daily updates.

Here’s an inspired piece I wrote a few weeks ago to share with y’all.

Take good care of you as life is indeed short and precious.

With love,


Do you choose to be a victim or to be empowered ? 🌟

This is an important question for ANY challenging hurdle on your path!

I see this as the biggest key to healing cancer. It’s so easy to feel sorry for one’s self and play the victim role. I have seen it in others and it is a daily choice for myself. Last night I faced the victim demons when I went out dancing. For five months I’ve had a pretty acute hip (groin) injury that makes it painful to walk at times. I attribute the massive amount of stress I’ve been under, moving and the cold to why it hasn’t healed. Now that I’m on Kauai I’m determined to heal ALL the imbalances in my body: hip injury, cancer in my breast, sternum bone, lungs and liver. I know it’s a uphill path, but my determination to live will get me through! 💫💪🏽

At Ecstatic Dance last night, surrounded by beautiful goddesses younger than me, I felt my mind spin off into feeling sorry for myself. “I have cancer, I can’t do this, I feel pain..” blah blah blah. Damn those thoughts that create separation from others and how easily they creep in! I reflected upon how WHATEVER ailment i have whether it is depression, arthritis, knee injury, cancer etc can limit me to not step into my highest self. The thing is, it’s all in the mind! If I choose to see myself as part of the crowd, even with cancer and my hip injury then I will feel connected. If I choose to separate myself with my way of thinking, then that is my choice!

I recognized this and kept dancing, gently pushing through my limitations and stretching my tight muscles. I made it through the gauntlet of limited thinking and therefore chose joy and expansion!

I choose to be EMPOWERED by this experience of cancer! I know I can grow or be diminished by it. I choose GROWTH! 💫🙌🏽💫

How can you choose empowerment in your life?

Every moment is a choice!