Tara's Health Update - Getting Vulnerable & Asking for Help


Ah, i bet the title got your attention, didn't it? What can this mean, Tara is getting vulnerable and asking for help??

Life sure has it's twists and turns! To cut to the chase the 'getting vulnerable' part is about me asking for help. I'm needing to step up in my fundraising as healing cancer naturally is one pricey endeavor (as insurance does not cover ANY of the expenses). I have struggled with this one as I pride myself on being a very independent womyn and I know many of you were quite generous with me when I first started out on this healing cancer naturally journey. In short, my healing costs are $3,000 to $3,500 a month which just entails doctors visits, supplements, medicines and tests. This does not include living expenses or ranch costs. 

WHY? In brief, I was told I was 'almost cancer free' in October of 2017 with my last OncoTrail test scoring at 1.7. (Cancer free is under 1). I was SO HAPPY to be given this news that I lived life to the fullest! I was working so hard for the past year that I plunged myself into work (as I could finally have a regular, predictable life separate from the C infusions that knocked me out for days and make money!), travel (I was invited to teach the grief wok I do in New Zealand and jumped at the opportunity which I do not regret!) and helping others on the cancer journey. I am tremendously goal orientated and when I get an idea in mind I push myself to make it happen, to my own expense. 

I was given a maintenance protocol in October which means my costs went down, I could finally afford my healing routine and I could LIVE! I usually test every three months, but due to the holidays, DHL messing up on my blood shipment to Greece and my New Zealand trip, I ended up testing six months later. My test score went to 3.1 which considering all that unfolded was a small slip. To give some perspective,  I started with my first test at 8.2 (over 5 is advance cancer), went to 6.5, then 3 then 1.7. So I’m back to where I was in the summer. In the big picture it’s just a little set back and could be much worse. 

This is a HUGE WAKE UP CALL for a deeper level of SELF CARE! I am seeing very clearly how easily I give to others rather than putting myself first. I see how my life literally depends on me getting the lesson of self love. 

The humorous and ironic part of this is on the CA-15 test (which is a breast marker test usually given to patients after undergoing standard route of treatment: chemotherapy, etc.) I tested as being cancer-free! This my friends, is EXACTLY why I urge people to do the RGCC test (see info on the bottom of my resource page about it) as it gives you a precise understanding of your tumor marker count. QUESTION EVERYTHING!

I feel like a character in a fantasy novel that thought after facing demons, dragons and endless challenges that their journey was done. Low and behold there are thousands more miles of treacherous mountains to travel through. Luckily I'm well equipped with excellent tools and a fabulous map! 

I’ve been hit a bit hard with this new mental reality of diving into the deep end again. I am keeping the perspective that there is more I need to learn from this cancer guru, like TRUE self care and not over giving but it’s definitely been a bit challenging. I try to surrender the best I can and keep the perspective that it’s the journey not the destination. The money piece is especially hard as I was just getting my feet on the ground, establishing my coaching practice and enjoying working and making money. It’s hard to think of asking for help again but I also get there is a deeper level of learning to receive and unfortunately this is quite common for those on a natural healing journey as it is so expensive and insurance covers nothing. 

So yes, I'm asking for help! If you feel called to help me here are some things you can do to help:

SHARE this email on Facebook or forward it to your friends! (See the buttons on the top of this page to do this.)

Donate to my fundraiser at: YouCaring Every little bit helps! If you can't donate please share it! Thank you!!

Come stay at my AirBnb cottage at beautiful Wind Horse Sanctuary! You can see the stellar reviews and read about it here: AirBnb. This is my primary form of income these days. It's a win win as you get a great vacation and help support me! 

Come participate in one of my workshops at Wind Horse Sanctuary!  I have many wonderful events on the calendar which include these day events:  Grief Ritual with Horses, Intro to Equine Facilitated Learning, Healing with Horses and a few three workshops: Healing Cancer Naturally with Horses and a Medicine Horse workshop. Please see the full event list here: Event List.

Purchase a coaching or Equine Facilitated Learning session or package from me! I am working when I can around my Vitamin C infusion schedule and have a small amount of availability to take on some coaching clients and Equine Facilitated clients. You can see my coaching offerings here: Wind Horse and private cancer coaching: Cancer Warrioress. For the Equine Facilitated work I do please go to: Epona. I do offer cancer coaching programs and will be offering one soon, for more info please see: Cancer Coaching Groups

If you have any questions about any of the above listed items please ask and I'm happy to answer your questions! Thank you for considering to help me in this way!

I figure my full healing means that I can continue to spread the word about the work I do and impact others lives in a positive manner (while staying in balance of course!)

Thank you all for your continual help, support and all the love you share! I would not be doing so well without you and I'm very grateful for the help!

With love and gratitude,