Turning Clouds into Rainbows

Check out this  sweet video  with my dear friends  Jaya Lakshmi & Ananda  that was created at  Wind Horse Sanctuary !

Check out this sweet video with my dear friends Jaya Lakshmi & Ananda that was created at Wind Horse Sanctuary!

This past week I started my month long cycle of the high dose Vitamin C infusions for my healing cancer naturally routine. My protocol is one month of  receiving the ascorbic acid pumped intravenously for hours into my veins and then one month off. Read on to understand the internal and physical resistance I face with this powerful cycle!

In correlation with this difficult phase, I was pondering the topic of rainbows and what they symbolize to me. My father is from Kauai, which is a tropical environment and seeing rainbows often has been a blessed gift in my life.

As I allow the effects of the high dose Vitamin C to create oxygen blasts in my body, thus causing cancer cell death, the detox can be quite intense. This is a post I wrote going into it this past week:

"Tomorrow starts my rounds of C infusions for the month. How do I feel? Well it’s like signing up for a month of closely examining your shadow self as your body goes through massive detoxification with the emotional releases and physical discomfort that goes with it.

I’ve been doing them for so long that I know it’s not easy, like my body and mind being raked over coals. If this will cause massive cancer cell apoptosis then I’m all for it, but it is no easy journey traveling to the underworld.

Fortunately I’ve got lots of rainbows in my pocket to remind me of the beauty when the rough moments hit. Always look on the bright side folks and that will get you through!"  ✨🌈 ✨

I knew going into this round of C that it would be tough. I have tried to trick my brain too may times into believing that I could will my mind to make it easy. My mind is powerful, yet the detoxification effects leave me having to surrender at the rawest level possible.  There is no way to control it, all I can do is let go. My focus now is to let my mind and body relax through the hardships. I find the beauty in the struggle, which equates to the alchemical process of turning clouds into rainbows.

This week was magical as my dear friends Jaya Lakshmi and Ananda (please see the video we made together: Transformational Music or watch above)  were staying at the cottage during my C infusion.  Their presence on the land made it easier with their beautiful music, strong spiritual practice and their loving selves. They also spend a lot of time on the islands and know the magical nature of rainbows.

The take away from my first C infusion week is there is always exquisiteness if you choose to find it. In any given situation, one can focus on the hardships or on the gifts. It is a daily choice whether we are journeying with cancer or not. What do we choose to focus on? This way of thinking has gotten me through the most challenging situations.

I choose beauty, love, joy and finding the ability to transcend the darkness.

What do you choose?

May we all find the rainbows to carry us through the clouds.

With love,