Kambo: Journeying with Frog Medicine



For someone who has willingly let bees sting me as part of my healing cancer naturally journey, it might not surprise you to know that recently I experimented with Kambo, an extract from an Amazon frog. I believe that nature gives us all we need to heal. I figured I use bee venom, why not frog poison? 

Taking Kambo was a powerful transformational process for me. It is recommended that the minimum dose that is initially taken be three applications applied over three days (one application each day). I decided to have my first experience under the guidance of Zahrah Sita, whom I had gotten to know over social media and I highly respect. She brought two wonderful Chilean men up from South America to guide a small group of us for a weeklong journey. Due to my full ranch load during the summer season, three days was my maximum time I could get away. 

The men who guided us were authentically trained in the Amazon rainforest to give Kambo, so I knew I was in good hands. Zahrah had healed herself naturally from a cancer diagnosis years earlier and was familiar with the realm of healing cancer. Those of us on the cancer journey can feel like ‘strangers in a strange land’ at times so the fact that she knew the territory well made me feel comfortable attending.

The process of taking Kambo is relatively quick  (compared to other similar substances) and entails drinking about a gallon of water, gently burning the skin with a piece of straw from the rainforest, scraping the skin away and applying the powder from the frog poison upon the burn marks. Immediately after the powder was applied, our guides would start singing their sacred chants, as we were encouraged to drink yet MORE water.

Then the purging began. I never thought I would willingly sign up to spend time with strangers with a bucket and throw up together! This was certainly a bonding experience I will never forget! With such a copious amount of water in our bellies and continuously drinking more it was only natural for the vomit to emerge with the mixture of the frog medicine. 

As we all were deep in our inner process and finding our way through the labyrinth of the journey, I was not aware of others purging around me. What was real to me was the inner battle I embarked upon. It was necessary for me to stay focused on my strength to face the demons that arose. One cannot hide when this sacred medicine is finding it's way through your body, removing mental and physical toxins. With every release my body and mind became clearer. 

The purging only lasted for 10-20 minutes. Afterwards I was led to lie down on the ground under a wafting willow tree. My head spun as I saw concepts and beliefs that did not serve me. I took the opportunity to let go of each unnecessary pattern, like a leaf slowly blowing off a tree. It was an emotional experience for me. I discovered trauma and grief I was still holding onto from my dear friends deaths in the past three years. The reality that two of my closest friends had died young from cancer in such a short amount of time has shadowed over my own healing cancer journey. Even though I had worked hard to release a tremendous amount of grief, there was more to let go of. 

I have been in the public eye with my own healing journey for twenty-two months. Many have reached out to me for support and subsequently, I have stepped into a leadership role. This piece was an essential one for me to process, as well. Being a natural giver means that I willingly love to help others, even if it is at my own expense. I saw the price I have paid for helping others navigate their trauma, not only with cancer but with personal loss and grief, as well.  

The most profound lesson of Kambo was the extreme amount of subconscious pain that I had taken on from others from childhood through my adult life.  I understood in a deep manner how much of a martyr complex I had. My subconscious pattern has been to take on other people’s pain in the belief that I can save them from suffering. Is it any surprise I was drawn to be a caregiver for my friends while they were journeying with cancer, stepped up to lead grief rituals and have put myself out in the public eye to help others through their cancer experience?  While on the Kambo journey it was clear to me why a tumor grew right over my heart. The pain of the world can be overwhelming at times. 

I now realize that impeccable self-care is truly the most important piece for my continued healing. I am learning to put myself first for my body, mind and spirit to be cancer free. My love for life and desire to live is beyond any past contract that I made to be in servitude to an outdated belief. In this realization I release any limiting thought patterns that hold me to suffering. 

I am so grateful for this wonderful crew and all the love they gave me. I suspect I was one of the louder participants present with elephant tears rolling down my face. I do have a flair for the dramatic with my Latin fire presence. This emotional release was necessary for me to release the intensity of the story I was rewriting within my being. Zahrah, our Chilean guides, and the rest of the team were gentle and patient with me. It was wonderful to feel so safe in this process. 

Each day’s experience was uniquely different. I found the first and third day to be the most challenging, which were the days in which I moved through my biggest shadows.

I could actually feel at times the Kambo traveling in my body, going where it needed to and could feel it working with the tumor in my breast. There is a vast amount of material that shows how Kambo successfully heals cancer, shrinks tumors, heals depression and a multitude of other illnesses. Please see some of the links below for more info. 

This was not an easy journey but it was extremely rewarding! The inner vision I discovered was highly beneficial for my current cancer journey. It takes a tremendous amount of strength to continuously know I am healing a stage 3-breast cancer diagnosis naturally.  The added element to my story is that I am in the public eye, which puts me under the microscope of others perceptions, projections and beliefs. 

Would I do it again? Yes, in a heartbeat! I feel like I have rewired my inner circuitry and limiting beliefs that I adopted from childhood have vanished. It is a vastly liberating feeling! 

The effect of Kambo helped me feel deeply refreshed and renewed. My body and mind feel strong and clear. The anxiety and stress that has sat on my shoulders for as long as I can remember has dissipated.  While there is still stress in my life, I am able to shake off the tension and access a state of joy in a rapid fashion.

A month after taking Kambo I can honestly say that my relationship with my partner has improved, I am able to access a state of ‘love’ rather than ‘fear’ and my ability to tap into my own innate healing ability has increased.

I feel that the three days of Kambo were more effective than a year of therapy and I now have greater tools for navigating this heroine’s journey. I’m deeply grateful to have had a chance to dance with the sacred frog medicine that hopped into my life!


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