Tara's Healing Protocol


Many of you have asked what I have been doing this past year during my 'Tara Boot Camp' year of healing cancer naturally. I have  primarily been following the RGCC (Greece test-see below for more info) protocol and working with one of Doctor V's wonderful coaches, plus having the guidance of other natural doctors to monitor basic blood tests. I designed my own healing plan on top of the RGCC protocol after months of study, trial and error and research. Since my last test score in October which determined I am almost cancer free, (see 'Cancer Free' post) I am now on a maintenance protocol! What is listed here was what I was doing for my full time healing plan.

Here is a list of the treatments and supplements I’ve been doing on a daily, weekly and monthly basis:


Mind Medicine:

While it is important to fill your body with healthy nutrients and medicine to heal cancer, maintaining an optimistic attitude is equally critical. It is challenging to have a serious cancer diagnosis, the mind can latch on and create drama! It is far easier to fall into a negative thought pattern than to rise to a positive frame of mind. My goal is to give voice to the fears and doubts that arise and then let release them!  These are the key mental patterns I keep focused on:

  • Attitude of gratitude: Being grateful
  • Deep faith that this adversity is present for my growth and ultimately to help others
  • Visualizations & affirmations: Seeing myself healthy, for example “I am healthy, I am healing”
  • Reducing stress: I have a choice in every moment how to orient my mind
  • Support: asking for help. Yes it is difficult to ask for help! Having loving people around you that you can lean on is crucial for healing. We are not meant to be alone.

Body Medicine:

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a one-size fit all answer to healing cancer! This protocol was developed personally for me through months of blood tests specific to what my body needs. If you are looking for answers for your own healing, I encourage you to visit alternative practitioners to find out what your body specifically needs. Everyone’s diagnosis and healing protocol are different.

Daily protocol of:

  • Coffee Enemas
  • Infrared Saunas
  • Three fresh 16 oz vegetable juices a day
  • Turkey Tail tea
  • Exercise
  • Bio Mat

Since April 2017,  I have been receiving bee venom therapy (apitherapy) twice a week. Yes, I willingly let bees sting me! See: Bee Medicine

Diet: I am following a simple diet of lots of organic vegetables, no processed food, minimal grains and am currently trying to find the balance of how much protein my body needs. When I was diagnosed I stopped eating meat but due to low protein blood test results I am experimenting with eating a bit here and there. I am constantly tuning in and listening to what my body needs.

RGCC protocol: In November, 2016 I took the Greece, RGCC blood test to determine the tumor cell counts in my blood stream. This is a test that is not offered by standard western medicine but is commonly used in other countries. After the test results were read I was given my own specific three-month protocol for which supplements to take everyday. The goal is to drop my tumor cell count. Every three months I will be retested. For more info about the RGCC test please scroll to the bottom of the page.

When I was first took the test in November, 2016, my score was 8.2. The next test was in April, 2017 and I went to 6.5, which was a 20.7% drop. July’s test showed a dramatic drop from 6.5 to a 3, which was a 53.7% drop! My latest test in October was a 43.3% drop from 3 to 1.7. The average is one point every three months, which means I did double the healing!  Under one point is 'cancer free' or 'remission'.

Month One:

  • Agaricus
  • Artecin
  • High dose of Vitamin C infusions twice a week  (On days I don’t do the infusions I take liposomal Vitamin C 5X a day)
  • Vitamin D
  • C-Statin
  • Aromat
  • Genistein (Haelan)
  • Paw Paw
  • Salvestrol
  • Enzyme Protocol: (Pork enzymes) 6 every hour during the daytime

Month Two:

  • Agaricus
  • Vitamin D
  • Poly MVA
  • C-Statin
  • Super Artemisinin
  • Aromat
  • Quercetin
  • Salvestrol
  • Enzyme Protocol: (Pork enzymes) 6 every hour during the daytime

Then I alternate back to month one again

Additional Supplements: In addition to this protocol I am also taking these supplements for various reasons:

  • Breast Defend
  • Pectasol-C: Modified Citrus Pectin
  • Selenium
  • NAC
  • K2
  • Multi-Vitamin
  • Probiotics
  • Liver pills
  • Iodine
  • DDR Prime

Spirit Medicine:

  • Kundalini Yoga: Spiritual practice
  • Chiropractic
  • Acupuncture
  • AmpCoil Machine (specifically focused on an auto-immune thyroid condition I have)
  • Cranio Sacral

My healing protocol was based on months of research, through reading books, talking to fellow cancer journeyers, receiving advice from practitioners and much more. With so many choices and pressure from doctors, family and friends, it can be overwhelming to know what to do. Therefore, it’s important to research thoroughly.  I encourage everyone on a cancer journey to make their own empowered choice for their individual path of healing.

*I wrote up my healing protocol in December, if you’re curious to see what my routine looked like then. This was before I started the Greece protocol. Some of it has shifted and some has stayed the same. It is a LONG blog post, scroll 1/3 or the way down to PROTOCOL: In the Land of Detoxification

RGCC Greece Test:

The test is highly refined; it measures the circulating tumor cell count in the bloodstream.  It is not offered in the USA so the blood sample is sent to Greece. In the USA oncologists can’t give results like this, as the standard cancer mode of care does not yet measure tumor cell counts. This test is a method of measuring cancer that is not yet in the mainstream reality although it is offered in other countries.  It is unfortunate as it could offer a way to monitor tumor cells rather than the standard chemotherapy mode of killing the entire immune system to ‘heal’ cancer.  For more info about the RGCC test please see: RGCC Article and the blog post by the wonderful Doctor V (who’s ‘Greece protocol’ I am following) at: Doctor V Blog

There are two RGCC or Greece tests I have done, the general one and the OncoTrail test: The general RGCC or Greece test measures the circulating tumor cell count AND tests the impact certain natural supplements will have on cancer cells. This allows me to know WHAT natural substances are best at killing cancer cells. In the big picture it is worth every dollar spent on this test as it allows to me know that EVERY pill I swallow is making a difference at impacting the cancer cells, as opposed to swallowing pills and not knowing if they are viable for my particular diagnosis. Healing cancer naturally is expensive enough (as insurance does not cover the protocol) without worrying if what I’m taking is effective or not. This test costs about $2,200. If you want to check how certain chemotherapy drugs will effect you the cost is about $3,000. (I did not test the effects of chemotherapy as I KNEW I would not be using it.)

The OncoTrail test is the test I take every three months to gauge what my tumor cell count is at. It costs in the range of $800 or so. Unfortunately the standard medical system does not incorporate these tests, although they are commonly used in other countries. If the RGCC test was offered in the USA it would cost about $25,000 due to expensive insurance costs! To follow my story and receive my weekly email newsletter with alliterative cancer healing info and tidbits from the journey sign up here: SIGN-UP   

As I am a Life-Coach and Equine Facilitated Learning instructor (work with people with horses) I offer personalized coaching and support for those on the cancer healing journey (I do not offer medical advice as I am not a doctor). I soon will be offering 8 week long-distance group cancer coaching programs. Stay tuned for more info! To check out my offerings go to: Wind Horse Sanctuary