Listening to Our Bodies



I want to give you a glimpse of what it's like to live with a tumor in your breast and to choose NOT to remove it surgically. 

There are those of you might judge it as 'crazy' to know that a cancerous tumor is living in your breast and to choose to not cut it out. There are some excellent reasons why some of us have chosen the path of no surgery. For more info about that please refer to my blog post: 'Breasts, Surgery & Breast Cancer'. This particular article here addresses what it's like to live with a tumor and have the faith that it will eventually shrink.

This is my story: There is a lump in my breast. Sometimes it talks loudly to me, like a shooting pain, a heavy feeling and a loud presence on the left side of my chest. Sometimes it is quiet, I barely know it is there and it is soft and pliable. 

If you saw my morning arsenal of pills and read my healing routine you'll know that everyday I am actively healing this blessed cancer diagnosis. It is no small feat for those of us on a journey of healing cancer naturally to get up each day and repeat this full time repertoire. It takes a ton of inner faith that what we're doing is working and dedication to do the coffee enemas, juicing, saunas, exercise, take the pills and remember that we have the ability to heal ourselves. Then there is the whole psychological piece of dealing with your own fears plus the projections of society, family and friends. It is indeed the hero's/heroine's journey! 

The thing is there are many of us taking our health into our own hands and choosing the path of natural healing rather than blindly following the path an onoclogist lays out. I am connected to a vast network of men and wimmin choosing this path of healing naturally. We talk, share, complain at times at the intensity of walking a path where mainstream reality calls us 'crazy', but still we continue on, through the tumor pangs and all.

My dear friends and I compare our tumor pangs as we know that if we speak about it to people outside the cancer journey, it will cause a ripple of fear to float through their consciousness. We natural cancer journeyers are joined together with this adventure in ways beyond the normal friendships. The issue of mortality, courage in the face of adversity draws us closer and faster than the usual life circumstances. 

I was recently in New Zealand and used bee venom therapy (apitherapy - see my article Bee Medicine) almost daily as I traveled. Upon returning to California's cold winter where the bees are hibernating, I stopped using the bee venom. Days after stopping the use of active venom, my breast starting talking to me with intense pangs of pain This showed me that the bee venom indeed was working it's magic and impacting the tumor as the lack of it made a huge difference in how I felt. 

What if I freaked out and decided to rush into surgery as my breast was hurting? I would be ignoring the signs of my body and deciding to cut out the invader rather than listen to it's signals? I have chosen to take the path of faith knowing that eventually this tumor will shrink, the cancer will fade as it is showing on my blood tests (Almost Cancer Free) and my body will be completely healed. And it shall be as I see it so clearly. 

I encourage you ALL to listen to the signs that your body tells you whether it be pain or pleasure. Our bodies are here to help show us the way to optimum health and healing and if we take the time to listen then we can heal in a much more rapid fashion! 

**On a side note for those of you left a bit doubtful from my talk of tumor pangs,  I have spoken to many health coaches and alternative doctors about this topic. The viewpoint from their sideline is this: one can feel tumor pangs either when a tumor is growing more blood vessels (growing) or the cancer healing routine you're taking is working which means the tumor is being actively targeted (shrinking). From my personal viewpoint I am healing so I choose to see the pain as it is working. As they say, "no pain, no gain"! 

****As a side note, there is no judgement at all if you do have surgery. This is simply my path, my choice to believe my body can dissolve this thing that grew in my breast, which I’m choosing to see as a great messenger to wake up to life on a deeper level, listen and love. I really do believe that everyone needs to choose whatever is right for them and due to my background this is what I choose. May we all be healthy and vibrant in whatever path we’re on! πŸŒŸπŸ’™πŸŒŸ****

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With love,